Block Allad

Today, when we browse the web, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements that are hard to get rid of. Ads appear in videos, in the form of banners or pop-ups on many websites. With our Block Allad extension you can remove most ads in just a few minutes.

Block Allad

To remove most ads, all you have to do is install our extension, adjust your settings if desired, and you can continue to surf the internet as usual.

Our extension allows you to block most advertisements, overlays, trackers, and redirects. In addition, you'll experience faster page loading by blocking ads.

Why choose our extension?

There are several reasons why installing Block Allad is a good idea:

  • Free

    Our extension is easy to install and does not require registration.

  • Custom

    With our extension, you can choose which sites and tabs can show you ads and which cannot.

  • Safer browsing

    Our extension helps you have a safer browsing experience by blocking trackers that steal your personal data.


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We guarantee privacy from our side

We believe in protecting your privacy when you're online and keeping your information safe. For this reason, our extension does not receive any information about how you spend your time online.

All the information that our extension receives and transmits is that you have installed our browser extension, which is done for statistics. Additionally such information is transmitted to our servers using encrypted communication.

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